Jeremy Hopwood

Jeremy Hopwood

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Bike Set-up for Kona

Thought people might be interested in the bike setup for Kona. I posted this on my facebook but figured some of the wider world may be interested.

Thanks to the crew at Speed Theory for helping out finalize the set-up. Had the final pre race tune yesterday and did some modifications thanks to Doug to install an "emergency bottle cage" behind the seat.

If this looks like a promotion post fear not - I am not sponsored by any of the below brands or distributors. Having said that Podium Imports (Orbea, Reynolds, Arundel) put a lot back into the sport and as a result are very happy to support their brands.

Been very happy with my Orbea - I normally run a front Reynolds Strike as well, but with the cross winds known to be gusty are likely going to run with the assault (46mm vs 66mm) to allow me to stay aero for a lot longer.

Full Bike Set-Up

Rear Bottle Cage Holder

Front End Set-Up

The Specs

Frame - Orbea Ora
Components - Shimanao Ultegra
Chain Catcher - K-Edge
Base Bar - Progile Design Air Wing
Aero bars - Profile design carbon stryke
Rear Wheel - Reynolds Strike Clincher (66mm) 
Rear Tube - Vredestein Butyl 60mm race tube with continental valve extender.
Front Wheel - Reynolds Assault Clincher (46mm)
Front Tube - Continental Race 60mm Butyl Tube
Tires - Michelin Pro3 Race
Pedals - Look Keo2Max
Frame Bottle and Cage - Arundel Chrono
"Aero Bar/Stem Cage" - Arundel Sport Black Cage - attached via zip ties and an old easy lace
Behind Seat Cage - Arundel Sport White - attached via a "liquid" special with a mount and zip ties
Spare Bag (Between Aerobars) - Arundel Dual
Spare Kit Contains - Two Vredestein 60mm Butyl Tubes, Two "screw on" Valve Extenders, BBB Microfold 6 Tool, 3 BBB Tire Levers, air chuck elite, 2 x 16g c02
Top Tube box - Bontrager Speed Box

Thansk to the crew @ speed theory for helping finalize the set-up today. Doug for the lend of his high wind friendly front assault, Mike Kiers for the lend of the Bontrager Speed Box to hold salt and the like

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