Jeremy Hopwood

Jeremy Hopwood

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Looking for Wind - Another Vancouver Ride Route

So here is the route from today's ride. For the 86km I only had to unclip once and slow to a roll (track stands are not yet in my play book) a couple times. This is great if you want a solid uninterrupted bike ride, something that I want on practically every serious ride at the moment as come race day you tend to loose time if you are sitting down having coffee or seeking out the nearest washroom.

The other good thing about this ride is that unless its a still day you will definitely get exposure to riding in the wind. Today I had about 23km straight of headwinds half way through the ride plus a decent share of crosswinds and thankfully a bit of a tailwind in some sections as well. Learning to ride efficiently in the wind is something that takes time and I am gradually getting better at.

This ride is reasonably flat (About 1100 Feet of elevation) no hills at all from 21km to 63km) but there is UBC hill and a few false short pitches along SW marine drive. However the likelihood of wind will ensure you have a good workout.

Click on the Image Below to go the the GMAP Pedometer Map

0km - From the start in Kits (Near Cuppa Joe) you head out along Spanish Banks
4km - Marks the start of UBC Hill. A 1.5km climb at about 5%.
18km - After heading around marine drive take the right @ SW Marine and then cross the Arthur Laing Bridge
20km - Take care when crossing across here. There are few different ways to do this but the end result is to end up on the road to Iona (Templeton St)
28km This is the turnaround point at Iona (In the car park near the Washrooms) You are nearly guaranteed wind along this section and being an out and back there is no free ride. This rode is also good for TT work and you will tend to see a lot of cyclists enjoying this stretch of road.
35km - This is another tricky navigation part. Essentially you want to end up on River Road. I turn left onto Templeton @ Grant McConachie Way then merge right onto Sea Island Way. Left onto 3 road and right onto river road.
40km - The map lies you need to turn right onto 5 road, left onto Vulcan Way, left onto six road and right onto river road
51km - After the nice long stretch next to the Fraser river on river road. You reach the turnaround point were the road turns towards Westminster Highway. Once again this section along the Fraser will be exposed to wind.
63km - After returning the way you came take the pedistrian/cycle bridge underneath the Canada Line. Then follow the signs to the heather bike lane.
65.5km - Turn Left onto 70th Avenue and follow this to where it turns to Marine. Then return around UBC finishing were you started.
85km -This route is complete. If you are done for the day Cuppa Joe is a good place for a quick coffee and bite to eat

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