Jeremy Hopwood

Jeremy Hopwood

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Fitting it In - Just a Normal Day

Busy but good day today. Have come to planning were all my workouts fit into my schedule each Monday morning and now even though I am training more than ever feel a lot more organised and relaxed.
  • Started at 5am with drive to the pool and a small breakfast on the way. 90min swim then home for quick breakfast and a coffee.
  • Quickly checked the work email before heading to the office via an extended commute to get in a couple hours on the bike.
  • Good, productive day at work achieving everything I wanted too followed by a bike commute to the track to help run a session and got in some stretching and core work while people were running.
  • Rolled home and in the door at 7:15pm. Small dinner cooking and get ready for tomorrow before catching some Z's

Have definitely found by planning in extended commutes to get the mid week bike sessions a huge help as essentially get 2 hours of training in for the price of 1. Also tend to do one run a week at lunch along with core and stretching on another day.

Looking forward to the coming weeks and getting the work done.

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