Jeremy Hopwood

Jeremy Hopwood

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Not Always Expected Results

Yesterday I had solid day training day yesterday with 120+ km on the road bike followed by a longer run off the bike than normal. Was being a bit laissez faire in terms of hydration but was feeling good on the bike so was not that stressed. When it came time to run however the body sent a few strong signals that drinking some more liquid would have been a good idea. In the end lost about 4.% of my body weight which is not an ideal thing.

As a result of my of testing the hypothesis of dehydration yesterday I was not expecting to survive a 100 min plus run this am. However races are not run based on a hypothetical model, the same goes with training. Got out there and got the work done, in the end actually felt fine through the run.

A bit of a random day of Vancouver weather today - and was not the nicest out there on the run. not many out there running, but based on my "straw poll" regarding who I saw it is the ones who get solid results who were out there putting in the time.

For those looking for some blogs and site to read and inspire you over the wintery months here are a few of the people I saw out there today;

Shared yesterday's ride and run with Gillian Calyton who is racing in Kona in a couple weeks time. Gillian was kind enough not to drop me on today's run and her blog is at

Saw Rachel McBride who just finished 11th at the 70.3 World Championships in Las Vegas a couple weeks ago. Her website which has a blog is at and her facebook page is at

Last up saw Dylan Wykes out on a run. Just reading his blog now and even after racing a 30 min 10km in Toronto yesterday is back in Vancouver today and knocking off a couple runs ahead of the Toronto Waterfront Marathon in 3 Weeks. He is a genuinely nice guy and hoping he has an awesome day in Toronto. His website is at and look at the latest news section for his regularly updated blog.

Think the key theme from today's post its all about getting out there and getting it done day in day out. Have had a problem getting that rhythm going lately and that is my key focus. Seeing those who are getting awesome results out on a crappy Sunday morning gives me confidence that is the right place to be focussing my attention.

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