Jeremy Hopwood

Jeremy Hopwood

Friday, September 23, 2011

Meditation Thursday

Didn't get to actually sit aside and meditate as such but did have a bit of a chance to rest and refocus on the couple days ahead.

First spanner in the works this week was getting sick - meant easing back on the intensity a little but still got sessions in and just moved my hard run later in the week to Friday. One thing I find is can get focussed on missing the key part of a session (i.e; hard run) but is still better to get some work in and readjust throughout the week.

Mentally in the pool trying to remove a bit of roadblock in attitude I feel I have in that can be quite negative about my swimming. Just trying to focus on improving each swim and not worrying about how fast or slow i am going to some extent. Need to trust in the process and let the speed come after that. On the swim front are mixing it up a little and swimming at UBC a couple days a week in what are a bit more drill focused sets. Will still look to swim with VAC twice a week and hopefully get in another swim or two on my own. Work = results and need to spend a lot of time in the water to give it a real shot.

Mantra for the next few days into Monday will continue to be to execute - at the moment getting some solid consistency into the schedule is really important for me. Once that happens then other stuff will follow. In the end it is about not thinking about it too much and being in the moment each and every day.

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