Jeremy Hopwood

Jeremy Hopwood

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Turning 30 - But First Priority Swim 3.8km, Ride 180km and Run 42.2km

Well, tomorrow I turn 30 but to be honest the amount of focus I have on that is pretty minimal.

In 12 hours I will be standing on the beach getting ready to embark on my Third Ironman and swimming 3.8km, riding 180km and running (Hopefully) a marathon. At the moment I am fittest and leanest I have been in my life and are ready to have a good day.

No matter what happens out there I have had a great time preparing for this race and know that I have done the right things and made the right decisions. Pretty much there are a few guarantees in the time I will spend out on the course tomorrow;
  • Will Have Fun
  • Will have some dark moments
  • Will wonder at some times why the heck I am doing this
Regardless of the result (Confident of laying down a good one - however this distance has so many variables) racing an Ironman is one of the most exciting days that you can experience and I am looking forward to executing the plan tomorrow and savoring the experience. Will learn about myself once again tomorrow and plan to have a heap of fun doing it.

That sits tomorrow - next time I post I will be 30 and most probably pretty sore and tired. Thanks to all who have sent messages of support and see you on the other side.

!!! Love this Sport !!!


  1. Have a great day out there tomorrow and make sure to enjoy yourself!

    And happy birthday as well! I am exactly 10 days older than you :)

  2. Have a great race ... and remember to keep your head still when you run - you save a couple of minutes. Have a very happy Birthday ... It was good to chat with you this morning (?).