Jeremy Hopwood

Jeremy Hopwood

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

This Picture Sums it Up

Les was able to to into the finish and present my medal and we were lucky enough to get this photo

Going to Kona - 9th Age Grouper, 5th M30-34, 21st Male and 23rd Overall including Pro's.

Will post more later but a huge thanks to everyone who was part of the journey.

Thanks for all the messages over the past few days as are truly thankful for each and everyone I have received.


  1. Great Picture to match a great job!

  2. Just Beautiful!!The sun was really shinning on both of you,may it continue to shine!!

  3. CONGRATS! You did so awesome - so glad to hear you got a Kona slot! Aall that hard work is paying off...

  4. Congratulations Jeremy! That is a fantastic time! And that picture is possibly the best excited race finish picture I have seen! Keep up the hard work!

    Lindsay :)