Jeremy Hopwood

Jeremy Hopwood

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Taper = Sleep

So easy to fill up taper with all the non training things on your to do list. While I am still trying to knock of a few my sleep is now officially becoming sacred and instead of posting a highly insightful blog post about how I feel, what bacon tastes like or the fact pilates was designed for the Canadian Military I am going to head to bed and catch 10 hours worth of zzzz's

I leave you however with a slideshow of my last long run of the the Ironman build which included a 1 hour 33 minute warm-up at 4:59 min per km pace followed by a 1 hour 27 minute progression run which averaged at 4:30 min km. This made for a total distance of 38km in 3 hours of which I have recovered really well whihc is a good sign for IMC.

For those of you not lucky enough to have been to vancouver its a sweet place to live and the seawall run is something special so I shared the day with many others out exercising and did my interval work around Stanley park.

Enjoy the photos (FYI I do not slow down to take photos so what you get is what you get)


  1. Friggen fast taper run! Love that you train in an IM visor.
    11 sleeps to will be a fabulous day. Be sure to say hello in Penticton:)

  2. Nice ninja outfit. Wearing a ninja outfit on a warm sunny day sounds a bit dodgy. Is it based on science or just gut feel? I've only heard of such layering in an effort to rapidly lose weight.

    Speaking of weight, has yours fluctuated in your latest big block of training?

    Finally, have an awesome IMC!