Jeremy Hopwood

Jeremy Hopwood

Monday, August 17, 2009

Respect Not Fear

So It is now 12 days or so from the A Race of my year. So as I now enter Taper mode one thoughts go to race day and thinking what one is capable of. I tend to like to have a focus statement/mantra in my head for the key events and for Ironman Canada at the moment it is;

"Respect Not Fear"

This will likely change before race day but at the moment it sums up what I am thinking.


I need to respect the distance and be clear in the understanding that the day is going to hurt and it is not going to go exactly to plan. Things that I don't want to could happen but I just need to respect that possibility and have a plan for these eventualities (I.e Flat on the bike, nutrition issues etc etc)

"Not Fear"

While having respect for the race and the distance I will "Not Fear" it. What this means is that I will be mentally ready for things to go right as well as wrong. Also it means to "attack" the race and execute my plan and push when I need to push while "Not Fearing" the potential things that could happen

More posts to come as I near taper including a couple looking back at some of the fun times I have had training as part of this build.

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