Jeremy Hopwood

Jeremy Hopwood

Saturday, December 31, 2016

16 Things from 2016 in 16 Minutes

So year end is approaching and want to go to bed to get a early easy run in (as my one new years resolution for 2017 is to go to bed earlier - as many good things happen from that) so here are 16 things that I did in 2016.

In somewhat chronological order.

1 - Ran a Lot Early On

Especially with Bagel Chase in February I ran in excess of 42km 4 times in the first 4 months of 2016 with the longest being 63km after a 45km day. No real purpose have fun and do things in just because!

2 - Went to the IM Talk 10th Anniversary Camp 

This was awesome - wasn't really trained for anything except the running but a 4km swim essentially straight of the plane followed a 180km ride through the port hills near christchurch with a  final day 46km hilly run made for a fun weekend.

3 - Visited my Parents in Australia and Took the to King Island

Hadn't been there for a long while and place is stunning. If you are in Aus for more than the standard 2 weeks do yourself a favour and make your way there for 3 days - especially if you play golf. Managed to play on one of the most stunning golf courses in the world at Cape Wickham not to mention got to drive a 4x4 around the island for 4 days.

4- Did my first Park Run in Hobart, Tas.

Is actually still the only Park Run I have run, however are now involved at Park Run Richmond Olympic and have helped volunteer at the first 10 events with my running debut due next week.

5- Raced the Bare Bones Duathlon / Peach Blossom 10 Miler Double

Its awesome - come do it in 2017. Its awesome and grass roots.

6 - Helped out a couple people by having them stay at the house while they got things sorted in Vancouver

We are lucky enough to have some space so happy to help people out and share our space with people to help them out

7- Rode a Long Way to meet a buddy, rode a 100km with him then rode home

Did a awesome ride to the Mission, met a mate who was riding to horseshoe bay form penticton, hooked up for 100km. Had a beer at horseshoe bay then rode home for a 260km day.

8 - Went to New York City and saw the Copa America Final

That was fun and checked out parts of brooklyn as well and rode citi bikes at speed around town.

9 - Raced a lot
Need to add it up but approximately 31 start lines for 2017. was awesome to just race a lot and catch up with a lot of the running community. Favourite had to be a non official event in the Festive Half Marathon

10 - Bike and Ran Commuted a  Lot

Its basically the core of my training to fit some stuff in and it leaves me much happier than transit.

11 - Had a Surprisingly good weekend at Canadian National Multisport Festival

National Duathlon M35-39 AG Champion and Silver in M35-39 Long Course Champs

12 - Dropped the kids of at school (by foot) a good number of times

Nice to have the flexibility to do a few drop-offs with the kiddos when I can

13 - Fall Classic Trifecta

RAn the Half - 10km and 5km at the Fall Classic in the same day. Why - well just because.

14 - Worked A Lot

More than I would have liked but we got some good stuff done and lucky enough to work with some good people at a good company

15 - Run Rudolph Run

Well that idiocy took of more than I had expected! Great to have fellow rudolph's out there and enjoying the challenge

16 - Watched TV

With Les and did some other stuff as well. Been married now 10 years and going out nearly 15 so we survived another year with two little crazies running around the house, the eldest starting kindergarten and me thinking up crazy running challenges!

May have gone like 16 seconds over in typing that list but there it is. Off to bed and onwards to 2017 with my motto;

" Do Less"

But more on that another day.

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