Jeremy Hopwood

Jeremy Hopwood

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Dad Bod Racing

Been a while since I have posted anything more than 140 char or with a square picture and #hashtag or three. It has been nearly 3 years since I have taken to a start line of a triathlon any serious intent at the inaugural Challenge Penticton in 2013.
2017 ITU Long Course World Championships
The announcement that 2017 Challenge Penticton that would be the host of the ITU Long Course World Championships combined with the youngest of our two daughters being well on her way to turning three means it was good timing from a life perspective to set some goals towards and event in a place that I love to race.
Adelaide and Victoria allowing Dad to escort them out to a Saturday Brunch

Pre Training Mode

So with that goal in mind the last months have been starting to ramp up some “pre training” with the view to getting back to some structured training for an extended period of time. Part of this has involved hitting up frequent start lines in 2016, 14 thus far in order to get some hard hit outs and build up some base fitness.
Getting some “pre training” in on the dykes of Richmond
2016 Goals
So with the 2017 goal somewhat being set it means a return to Triathlon racing in 2016 in order to get a spot for worlds in the M35–39 group. So the plan in that regard is to race the test event at Challenge Penticton this year which is also Canadian National Long Course championships this August.
As well as the long course race (3k Swim / 120km Bike / 30km Run) going to jump in the Duathlon (10km Run / 40km Bike / 5km Run) and the Aquathon (1km Swim / 5km Run) as part of the week festivities.
2016 Race Schedule
On top of Challenge Penticton also have a few more races planned as build toward late August along with those I have already toed the line on in 2016. All of this combined should hopefully mean the Dad Bod is not to rounded come both August and the start of 2017!
As you can see 2016 is the year of racing lots!
The Resolution Race — 8km Cross County
31:02–8th Overall
Aldegrove Mud Run — 8km Cross Country
30:13–4th Overall
IceBreaker 8km
28:46–10th Overall
First Half Half Marathon
1:17:52–32nd Overall
Bagel Chase 2016
21 Laps in 2 Days (109.2km) — 1st Overall (Most Laps)
St Patricks Day 5km (BC Champs)
16:44 -42nd Overall
Modo Spring Run-Off 8km
28:15 -18th Overall
BMO Sunshine Coast April Fools Half Marathon
1:18:31 -4th Overall
IM Talk 10th Anniversary Camp
Fri 4km Swim / Sat 182km Ride / Sun 46km Run
Hobart Park Run #86–5km
17:31 -1st Overall
BMO Vancouver Half Marathon (BC Champs)
1:17:55 -28th Overall
Bare Bones Duathlon (5km/32km/5km)
1:35:43 -8th Overall
Peach Blossom 10 Miler
1:01:31 -5th Overall
Oasis Shaugnessy 8km
28:21 -8th Overall
MEC Half Marathon (Steveston)
June 5th
UBC Longest Day 5km 
June 10th
Vic Gran Fondo — The Doppio — 260km Ride
June 18th
New York Summer Series 10km 
June 26th
Peach Classic Olympic Triathlon
July 17th
Canadian National Duathlon Championships
August 24th
Canadian National Aquathon Championships
August 25th
Canadian National Long Course Triathlon Championships
August 28th
Eastside 10km (BC Champs)
Sept 17th
MEC Marathon (Steveston)
October 2nd
Granville Island Turkey Trot 10km
October 10th
Fall Classic Half Marathon
November 13th
Gunner Shaw XC (10km)
December 3rd

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