Jeremy Hopwood

Jeremy Hopwood

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Learning To Hurt Again

I think sometimes you remember back on on past training blocks with a feeling that everything felt easy - others may not but I am definitely guilty of this.

This can make training especially when aspects are not where you would like very frustrating and de motivating.

For myself this coupled with the fact that I often have quite a few training sessions where I feel pretty average - I think it varies by the person but I often feel like I am working harder in training than I do when I race. I am not sure why that is but especially when it comes to long runs I tend to feel pretty average.

Why this is I do not really know - part of it could come down to fatigue but to be honest have tried mixing a few things up and still tends to be a theme. Sometimes the long runs I have in high mileage weeks are the best ones I have.

Intervals are anther good example of this conundrum - I am not sure if the brain is just good at forgetting the pain intervals produce when you do them properly or if I just suck at the moment but yikes do they feel like hard work.

So am thinking this is a bit if a mental thing at the moment along with a need to embrace the suffering I training. In the past couple years haven't pushed the limit that much and think with mental fatigue associated with other aspects of life (wrk, negotiating with toddlers) have become a bit soft in terms of pushing the limit and working hard at times.

No real story or conclusion to this post more than that just need to embrace the suffering a bit more and start to push the limit in the harder sessions a little more and look at "sucking" as a good thing. As always need to keep the easy stuff easy and not get stressed by the sub par days.

Well that concludes my time on the "blog couch"

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