Jeremy Hopwood

Jeremy Hopwood

Friday, November 15, 2013

Winter Riding in Vancouver - The Richmond Loop (65km)

One thing I when I first started riding in Vancouver I found difficult is working out where to ride. To help out I am "documenting" some of the routes for riding and running I use as part of my training.

The following loop is a staple of many of a group ride and is a loop that I use quite a lot of the time. In terms of traffic tends to be better than some other roads and is definitely not a hilly ride. I have mapped this route out starting in Steveston but you depending on where you are riding from there are many options to join the route to do the loop.

In the winter this is a pretty good option as if the weather turns bad the allure of coffee in Steveston always awaits. In summer the eastern part of Richmond is good for doing TT work and intervals and is where I do a lot of my IM pace efforts.

The loop is about 65km plus whatever it takes to get to the start. So for most people this ends up being roughly a 80km ride.

The following link has cue sheets and the ability to send it to your Garmin and below is an example of the last time I used this for a training ride.

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