Jeremy Hopwood

Jeremy Hopwood

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

I have returned from the metaphorical cabin.

So after a long hiatus the blog is back - some redesign to be done for 2014 but number one is content. After a year of the blog in what I called the metaphorical cabin it is time to start posting again.

Not totally sure what I am going to post about but thinking will be along the lines of;
  • Some race reports - I race a fair bit so will be selective in this and pick the races with some good stories behind them
  • A insight into to some training weeks. As some people may know I fit a lot of my training into commuting, lunch breaks etc so may be some ""tips" for people there as well.
  • A Season in review - are starting to build into 2014 so will look to review my 2013 - have had a fun and fulfilling year thus far.
Another thing I may do for the Vancouver audience is start to catalog some of the local rides, runs etc.

What I can promise however its lots of spelling and grammatical errors as most of my posts are put together in about 10 minutes max!

I am also online at

Twitter - where I tweet a variety of ramblings
Strava where I take immense pride in naming my rides and runs although I am not sure anyone really cares!
Instagram where I take random photos very rarely using a filter

Gotta run - literally and heading out onto to the dykes for a little adventure in Richmond with my 2y.o but will be posting some content in the next few days. But in the interim this is what I did last Monday morning

Outing Report - MEC 10km at Stanley Park

In the interim here is a photo from a local 10km I ran on the weekend. Took my 2y.o out in the stroller for a beautiful run round Stanley park and as I do for any stroller events made sure she could get out to run across the finish line. Official finish time was 43:02 with about 41:30 of that moving.

A couple of photos below - firstly Ada Pre race and then crossing the line with me.

Mec Vancouver Race Six

The thing with stroller runs is that you have juice and snack stops and get to sing songs while running along so are a  lot of fun even if a little hard to run at full pace.

As with most of my stuff the activity is on Strava - for those who are not from Vancouver the Seawall is a must do run especially on a clear day

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