Jeremy Hopwood

Jeremy Hopwood

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The "Off Season" In Review

Heck it is August already. Just been at Ironman Canada for the weekend watching people race, proud of everyone who toed the line. from those who had aweosme days, those who finished their first ever IM and those who did not have the day they were looking for. In the end we are all lucky to be involved in a sport that gets us out to see so much of the outside world.

As you may know on Feb 26th, My very supportive wife and I had our first child Adelaide Elizabeth. As a result training took a planned back seat for the first part of this year as looked to get established as new parents and set up a routine. Coming of a year of two Ironmans the focus this year has been a late season push.

Starting to get back into solid training now having just completed the biggest two weeks of training since my Kona Build last year. Going to putting in a big winter and are racing ITU Long Course World Championships on November 5th in Las Vegas and then Ironman Melbourne in Australia on March 26th.

The last 3 Months have seen 9 races and will not go into to much detail but here is the wrap.

Eugene 5km (April 30th) - 8th Overall in 17:04 
  • Was a a hilly course than anticipated. Also won 40lbs of pancake mix for beating a man dressed as a pancake!
Oak Bay Half Marathon (May 15th) - 7th Overall in 1:18:25
  • Wet day out there, would have liked to have gone faster but happy with a solid hit out in the correct direction.
Subaru Shawnigan Lake Olympic Triathlon (May 29th) - 3rd Overall in 2:22:05

  • 44km long bike, struggled in the run on this one and didn't have a rockstar run split (41:52)
Saunders Subaru Victoria Half Iron Triathlon (June 19th) - 14th Overall in 4:26:26
  • 88km Bike and 20km run on easy trails so should be a fast course.
  • Was in the process of training to race back to fitness and it showed. OK swim, pretty good bike but horrific second 10km in the run. 
Subaru Vancouver Half Iron Triathlon (July 3rd) - 15th Overall in 4:29:37)
  • 91km Bike and 20km run on trails so pretty close to a standard half.
  • Swim PR on a tricky swim course
  • Went for it - blew up at 60km on the bike and suffered all the way home. Run split was far from impressive and about 8 minutes of even close to good.
  • Learned a lot, was biking at the lead group pace (alas a few minutes back due to swim speed) but did not force down enough calories and was not fit enough so could not hold the mojo for the last 1.5 laps.
UBC Grand Prix Corporate Challenge (July 12th) - Team Victory
  • 5.2km of pain on the UBC crit course. We had a work team in and won the show. Fun to ride flat out for 7 or so minutes.
Peach Classic Olympic Distance Triathlon (BC champs) (July 17th) - 23rd Overall in 2:15:59
  • No taper race, had a awful swim (Worst in quite a while) and lost a lot of time in the water. 
  • Good solid bike and really happy with run which was reportedly long (approx 10.5km). Ran 37:47 whihc meant going through 10km in about 36 Flat.
Subaru Sooke International Half Iron Triathlon (August 7th) 4th Overall in 4:38:18
  • Very hilly bike course (5500 ft of climbing in 90km) made it a slow course (By 15 to 20 minutes)
  • Had one of my best tri swims in terms of execution. Potentially rode a little conservative on the bike however had a run that although did not feel great was getting closer to what I need to do (1:24:47)
5 Peaks Trail Series - Blackcomb 10.6km (August 20th) 24th Overall in 1:16:12
  • This was a real trail race with a ridiculousness amount of climbing all at an altitude of above 6000 feet.
  • Lots of power hiking, scrambling over snow etc on the ways up the hills. Loots of meek and timid descending going down
  • A hell of a lot of fun but was missing the presence of oxygen

Thanks to all for the support and congrats to all of those who have had fantastic seasons thus far in 2011. The BC seen seems to be getting faster and faster at the moment and it is awesome to have so many people in Vancouver willing to do the work.

Thanks specifically to;

  • Leslie for being a great wife and MOM. 
  • My family from folks in Oz to Les' family through BC
  • Clint my coach for putting up with some inconsistent weeks throughout this year and bulk updates to the training log. If you are interested in getting a tri coach go to the Mecury Rising Site to check out the options.
  • Carla my Chiropractor - if you are looking for Chiropractor, RMT or the like check out her businesses website at
  • The race directors and companies that support racing in BC. It is much appreciated.
To my supporters/sponsors;

Thanks again for all the support. Looking to lay down some good results in the next 9 months.

Speed Theory - an awesome group of people who are heavily involved in the sport. Most of their staff where either supporting at or racing Ironman Canada this year. Support the people who support and employ people in your sport - SHOP LOCAL!

Forerunners - A long established Vancouver business (Celebrating 25 years) who do a lot to promote running in the local community. They have an awesome selection of shoes and a rockstar staff. I will be out running with the Wednesday night clinics again this Fall.

Newton Running - Have been running in Newtons for 3 years now and love the shoes.

Cycelops - being around the house a lot more means have been riding the trainer a lot and will be as are doing a IM at the end of winter. Have been super happy with the Powerbeam Pro Trainer as the dimension of power and generated resistance when suffering on a ride indoors is a great one.

VanRunning - This is a run specific coaching business I am involved in. If you get a chance to checkout the website at and like the Facebook page where we will be hosting a whole heap of run related content throughout the rest of the year.

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