Jeremy Hopwood

Jeremy Hopwood

Sunday, March 13, 2011

People Read this Blog

Found out from a reliable source is that people read this blog on occasion. Therefore I may need to put a post or so on here.

Been a crazy last 14 months which has included a

  • Trip to Oz
  • Watching Tour Down Under
  • Racing Geelong 70.3
  • Being in Vancouver for the Winter Olympics
  • Lots of Good Times training
  • Qualifying for Kona @ IMCDA on my 30th Birthday
  • More good times training
  • Changing jobs within my company
  • Having a blast racing Kona
  • Eating donuts and drinking beers post Kona!!
  • Getting a bit more involved in run coaching
  • A fun Christmas with Les' family and cousins
  • Running a half marathon a little under prepared
  • Having our first child two weeks ago
  • Being part of a team that delivered a significant project
So lots to talk about but also many things to look forward to. Training is about to get back into the mix so hoping for a late season peak before a focussed 2012.

The next post is in the mail!

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