Jeremy Hopwood

Jeremy Hopwood

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Fall Classic 1/2 Marathon - The Quick and Nasty Race Rpeort

Fall Classic 1/2 Marathon @ UBC - Nov 15th 2009.

5 celsius, wet, raining and windy as heck. Twisty course with total elevation for course 490 Feet)

Think finished 9th overall - Approx time 1:20:20 (dubious about course length (figure was a few 100m long) but oh well).

1:26 faster than last years time.

My Grade for the race = a B. Executed race plan perfectly and felt strong throughout. First 12km felt nice and easy then drove it home to the finish and making up 3 spots in the last 10km. Just lacking a little bit of speed but happy with result and time considering craptacular conditions.

Second half was 6.4% faster than first half (neg split) so maybe took it out a little bit to easy which is a first and means my race pacing is getting better.Needed an extra km or two and think would have been able to run down a few more people.

Calculated 5km splits as follows;
19:30 (3:54 min/km)
19:50 (3:58 min/km)
18:40 (3:44 min/km)
18:40 (3:44 min/km)
Final 1.1 km in 3:40 (3:20 min/km)

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  1. Hey dude,

    You looked strong out there... I shouted some encouragement about 100m from the finish...

    Great race!