Jeremy Hopwood

Jeremy Hopwood

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Posting because I should

So just a quick post to keep up some continuity. Not much inspirational here but working on a couple posts including how to incorporate commuting into your training as well as sharing my training plan for Q2 2009.

Good week thus far, had another session of Chiro and it went well and have done a couple runs this week with 14km seawall run on Tuesday with 8km of speed work (33 sec hard, 66 seconds recovery x 20 repeats) in the middle.

Had forerunners run tonight which was a 3 mile progression run which ended up running in 18:50 and feeling pretty fresh.

Week holds the following, long run of 2 hours tomorrow night with a 90min cool down on the bike before a weekend of riding with 8 hours to be spent on the bike over the weekend and begin ingraining good habits for the next quarter.

Q1 report to be written up in the next few days, some positives and negatives as well as a few lessons learned with which to build the base for Q2 and fitness for IMC.

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